Accomplishment of works in the assembly of material re-conditioned for installation of micronized coal in tunnel kiln

Accomplishment of works in the assembly of material re-conditioned for installation of micronized coal in tunnel kiln.

  • Briq. Fassie (Fes)
  • Orobrique (Casablanca)
  • Briq. To the Andalous (Tangier)

Sale of Silos and filters to:

  • Briq. Sidi Kacem (Sidi Kacem)

Sale and assembly of extruder 077 Briq. Jbel Annour, SARL

We recently made ​​the sale and installation of the extruder 077 Verdés for our client  Briq. Jbel Annour, SARL. The installation was carried out by our technicians, the factory is running at full capacity of the said de-airing extruder, thereby obtaining better quality in the manufacture of its products (bricks of different formats). Below we present you pictures of the assembly process.

Improving production at a factory in Tunisia

Recently we installed shelves charger Zariat Briqueterie Abderrazak (Tunisia), and thus has gained further streamlining the manufacturing process.

Second phase of remodeling factory Cerámica Tetouan (Morocco)

Frapasa have completed the 2nd phase of the redevelopment of the factory, resulting in a production increase of up to 25%, through automation, optimization and exploitation of resources and processes.

Most machines come factory of Parma (Italy). Frapasa organization was responsible for transporting disassembly and reassembly and commissioning factory in Tetouan.

Update and modernize of Briqueterie Tingis (Morocco)

Frapasa takes approximately 2 years to implement its technical criteria Briqueterie Tingis (Morocco), updating its facilities both mechanically and electrically, changing preparation machines, fuel, renovated in wagons of furnace…

Resulting in cost reductions important production as well as better quality of the brick and increased production by 20%.

Improving production and quality in another factory in Morocco

Frapasa has worked in Briq. Samarco (Morocco) on clay preparation section putting several machines and modifying the system treated raw material, thereby achieving a better homogenization of the clay and lower energy consumption, improving the quality of brick enough.