What is biomass and how does it work?

With the use of biomass as heat energy, Frapasa wants to work with the environment in reducing CO2 emissions, and put all our effort and work for a cleaner and healthier planet.

Plant biomass is associated with plants in general (trunks, branches, stems, fruit, and vegetable waste residues, etc..) The end result is a totally organic fuel a huge energy power. The biomass energy is a type of RENEWABLE ENERGY from the use of organic and inorganic matter formed in a biological or mechanical process, generally substances that constitute living things (plants, humans, animals, etc.), or his remains and debris.

The energy efficiency of biomass combustion is done directly, or by transformation into other substances that can be exploited later as fuel.


Why change to biomass?

Mainly because it is a resource that RESPECT the environment, without producing greenhouse gases.

When this biomass is burned, it releases CO2 into the atmosphere, therefore, the same CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere during their growth is now being released, hence, is a cycle that closes keeping the CO2 level in the atmosphere constant. It has neither smells coming explosion risk and fire.
Biomass addition is done pruning, waste wood furniture factories, and thereby contribute to cleaner keep our forests while helping to protect them from the risk of fire.

Another important reason, especially for our pockets ECONOMIC, as the price of the pellet (biomass) is currently about 0.22 € / kg, with the annual increase equivalent to what the CPI rise, which when compared to other fuel (gas-oil), the price is going up 15% a year, therefore, the SAVING be around 60% biomass.