Installation of micronized coal in tunnel kiln

Frapasa, looking at the market requirements in some countries, started to make micronized coal facilities and tried to obtain for their customers the cost price of bricks cooking considerably reduced.

For them, taking advantage of semi-new facilities or with new or mixed materials, we made important assembly in some of our customers.

Then we make a sketch of the installation if at any time you consider it interesting for you.


Micronization occurs in the distribution plant from petroleum coke after drying and grinding process, reducing it to a size not exceeding 90 microns and a Hr less than 1%. Thereby allows an improved combustion in the kiln and a reduction of unburned.

Installation items:

  • Two storage tanks of micronized coal with enough dimension that ensure fuel supply to the system before any unexpected. Tanks have filling level detectors, fluidizers and as security an overpressure valve.
  • Coal batchers whose contribution varies according to the production demand of kiln firing.
  • The transport of coal provided by dispensers to oven distributors is performed pneumatically by a blower fan. Its air flow vary according to the different factors that may occur during the process.
  • The distributors actuated pneumatically contributing transporting coal‐air mixture into the kiln. The opening‐closing distributor is controlled by a plc, ensuring the preset temperature of each zone.
  • Tank‐bag filter which provides to recover the excess material transported and that has not been provided to the kiln. It has a dispenser that has a variable speed system based on their filling level.